What I have learned in 2017 – Review of my Mental Progress this Year

The most valuable thing you can have is your happiness!


This year I have started thinking about the purpose of life. What do I want to achieve in life? What is a goal that I want to accomplish? After thinking about it for a while, I came to the conclusion that in the end everything that counts is your own happiness. Getting that job you really want, buying this car you are dreaming of, finding the love of your life, growing a family. All these beautiful wishes and desires are drawn by the intention of wanting to find true happiness. At the end of all our dreams and goals is happiness. And this is what I want to achieve. No matter what I will have achieved by the end of this year, as long as I am truly happy and content with who I am, I will be proud.

Listen to your body! It knows best what it needs!

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Wanting to build muscle and get curvier has driven my way of training since I started about 2 years ago. In the first year I started training, I was desperate to eat as many calories as possible in order to build muscle mass as fast as possible. In the summer of 2016 I would eat up to 3500 calories a day. Counting calories and forcing myself to eat as much as possible definitely got me to gain some muscle yes. But was this healthy and good for my body? Definitely not. This year I have really learned to listen to my body and its needs. Eating when I’m hungry and stopping when I am full. Intuitive eating (no set mealtimes, no calorie counting etc.) has teached me a lot of body awareness and I fell much healthier and happier in my own skin.

Do not force anything!

cofIf it is in your career, your love life or whatever it might be, trying to force things is never the way to go about things. I am naturally a veeeery stubborn person and if I set my mind to something, that better work out exactly how I want it to. Expecting certain things from your partner and then being mad or sad, if they don’t act exactly how you want them to, can destroy your relationship. Letting go and allowing things to flow the way they are supposed to, changes everything. Really letting go, will allow everything you want to come right at you and you will notice many great things happening.

It’s okay the way it is! Everything has a reason why it happens!


2017 was a great year but also a year with major bad times. Sometimes bad things just happen and sometimes all the bad things happen at once. The moment you are right in these situations, it’s hard to see any positive and that is totally normal and humane. But being able to accept the fact that everything happens for a reason, can change everything. It can turn any situation, as hopeless it might seem in the moment, into something good.

Take the negative things that happen to you and allow yourself to grow from them!


Speaking of bad times, I have come to realize, that life is an endless cycle of learning and growing. Everything you ever do, all you ever experience, is there for you to grow and progress from it. When bad things happen, do not “poor me” yourself. Instead, recognize the opportunity it gives you to better your life. And if it is just a small part of your life that you can better, hold on to that and make bad times worth it.

Live right in the moment! Appreciate all you have right in this moment!


I came to realize this when I was on vacation this summer. I spent three weeks on the beautiful island Santorini with my boyfriend. Santorini is an absolute Paradise and spending time with him and his family that lives there was just an amazing experience. We did so much, experienced so many cool things, saw so many beautiful places. But still: I always found something to complain about. Reflecting back on it now, I just let some unnecessary shit that wasn’t even worth being mad about, cause me to not enjoy every single special moment.

If you don’t love yourself – you will not be able to give unconditional love to others!

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For all my 18 years of life, I have never really actually spent time thinking about self love and how loving yourself can effect your relationship with others too. From the start of my beautiful relationship in 2014, I had never felt loved. I did not think that my boyfriend loved me enough or that it was his fault and he was just nit showing me enough love and affection. Now coming to realize that only the path to loving my own self led me to the feeling of being loved. If you can feel that love and respect towards yourself, you will automatically be able to give that to others.

Health starts in your head!

2017-09-03 10.36.11 1.jpg

Not only living a healthy lifestyle from the view of Diet and Fitness has become so much more easy and automatic for me this year. I have also come to realize that health is so much more than just food and exercise. Finding the balance between overtraining, overeating, the feeling of needing to build muscle mass and listening to my body and its needs. Finding this balance has made me feel much more at ease with my body and has made me think a lot different about fitness in general.

In Conclusion

Balance!” I feel like the word Balance came with a lot of my realizations and mental growth. I think I can say that, with almost everything, (Job, School, Relationship, Career, Fitness, Diet …) it all comes down to finding a great Balance. This balance will give you a kind of mental stability and will keep you from getting overwhelmed. Find your Balance in everything guys!



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