Healthy Body Image – Healthy Relationship Towards Food and your own Skin

Nowadays we live in a society that is so focused on outer appearance and fitting into a standard image of what is considered to be healthy and beautiful. Because of this it has become so freaking hard for us to love and accept ourselves and the way we truly are and how our bodies are naturally shaped. Binge eating, stuffing our bodies with junk food and then feeling so bad about ourselves that we think it is best to just starve our body in order to “lose weight” , “get lean”, “get fit”, “get healthy”. In my opinion all of this is far from healthy. Far from being fit. This behavior towards our bodies and our own skin is such an unhealthy and scary circle. A circle of dieting and hate towards our body, which makes it so hard to break out and find true health and self love.

Food – Eat for your health, not for your outer appearance

Most young women, at least from my own experience, have at least once in their life said, they absolutely hate the way their thighs touch or their stomach is too fat and that they have to “lose weight” immediately. Don’t get me wrong, the desire to change your diet for good is absolutely great. I just feel like most of young women have such an unhealthy attempt of going about this. Most of the time when we think of dieting we think of eating as little as possible, consuming hardly any calories and limiting ourselves to foods we don’t really enjoy eating and having to force ourselves to get them down. I truly believe that eating nutrient-dense foods can be so fulfilling and satisfying. Eating whenever you’re hungry and finishing when you are full is one of the most important rules for your body to be healthy and strong. Not limiting your meals to specific times or a specific amount of calories but really learning to understand and listen to your body and its needs. Eating like this can be so enjoyable and healing to your body and your mind. You just have to find foods and meals you really enjoy eating, foods that you absolutely love and crave. If you’re now  thinking “everything I ever crave is junk food and unhealthy foods”, just try to eat a healthy, balanced diet for at least a week. Stay consistent and your body will adapt to the new, nutritious food and your cravings for junky food will stop after time. Just give it a try and I guarantee you to feel much lighter, healthier and fitter.

Bodyimage – Loving your own skin and respecting your body

With the topic of food and healthy eating, it is just logical for me to come right to the issue of body image and respectful behavior towards our body. I am only 18 years old but I have come a long way of self discovery and acceptance. Self destructive behavior towards our bodies is just way too common nowadays. Overtraining, throwing up on purpose, cutting our skin, starving ourselves… the list is just too long to even start completing it. I feel like being filled with so much hate towards our own skin is pretty normal in today’s society. But what we all have to realize is how strong and impressively great our body actually is and how much it is capable of. Our organs, muscles, our brains are just so incredible and impressive, that having anything else than great respect towards them would be so unsuitable. 

Do not compare yourself to others – The greatest you can be is yourself

With social media and all other platforms (us teenagers spend way too much time on), it has gotten so easy to lose yourself in the process of striving to be like someone else. Phrases like “Omg I wanna be like her. She’s so beautiful!” or “I would give everything to look like this!” are phrases we hear a lot of these days and have probably all at least once found ourselves saying. Even though I think that having role models and people you look up to is great for having motivation to become a better person, it is so so easy to forget your own worth. Seeing celebrities and models as perfect and as the ultimate goal of a human being, we are tempted to not see the beauty in ourselves. But the only one you can be and the only one you will forever be is yourself. Realizing that, will make you see that wanting to be like someone else is an endless cycle of unhappiness. Coming to the point where you take others as great inspiration and not as an exact template for measuring your worth, you will come to a much more healthy relationship towards yourself and your body.

Take your Me-Time – Distraction-free moments

With the stressful and hectic life we are all living from an early age, most of us forget how to be alone, without your phone, without any TV or other distractions. I realized this recently on a Saturday night when my boyfriend was at work, my mom was not at home and the battery of my phone was empty and I couldn’t find the charger. I just sat there, having no clue what to do and feeling so so lonely. But exactly these times, the times when you are just alone with yourself are so important. Just sitting there in silence, being right in this moment and thinking of all the things you are grateful for and all the reason why you are amazing. It doesn’t have to be just sitting there and thinking to yourself, it can be anything. Just find something you really enjoy doing, something that brings you peace and happiness. Try having these distraction free (no phone, no laptop, no TV ect.) moments more frequently and you will notice feeling much more centered and peaceful.


These are just some of my thoughts about this topic and I hope I inspired you to think a little bit about all of this and reflect your own relationship towards yourself. This is my opinion, so if you don’t agree with anything I said in this post, or want to add on to something, I would be happy if you shared your thoughts (in a positive and constructive way of course :)).

Thank you so much for reading! Stay tuned for more 🙂


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