Self Discovery

All you do and all you think about is what would be the best possible way to act, look and talk, so that others will love and value you. In all of this progress of “finding who you are” you are actually so distracted by being what others want you to be, that not even you – not even you yourself know yourself. Finding your heart wandering around in the endless world of feelings and emotions, not really knowing where they are coming from or where they are supposed to go. Being so unsure of how you even are, of what you are actually feeling. Being so far away from your true emotions and your true wants. You will just lose yourself in the process of finding yourself.

Finding love. Finding true happiness. Finding yourself. Finding your own way of thinking. Your own way of speaking. All the things that make you who you are, will suddenly fall into place. You will feel so complete with your own mind. Your own body.  Not needing anyone to love you. Not needing anything to make you happy. Because the only one that can ever love you with everything you are, the only one who can truly make you happy and fulfill all your wants, your desires, your needs… IS YOU!

All your dreams. Everything you ever thought of doing, but never did because of the people you surrounded yourself with. People where it would risk your friendship, your relationship if you did all these things. So you let yourself be held back by all of these thoughts. What if it doesn’t work out? What if I regret this? What if after this he doesn’t love me anymore? All of these Questions and what-if’s that are circling in your head. Making you hold on to old things. Known things. Because.. well you’re pretty happy from time to time..right?

But letting go of all of those things that you so truly believe are making you happy are actually the things that hold you back from real happiness.


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