Gym Newbies – 5 Tips for starting your Fitness Journey

Tip #1: Set a goal

If it is losing weight, gaining muscle, gaining strength or just getting healthier overall, having a goal is so important. Especially for beginners it is easy to lose motivation or to not be consistent with their training plan. Having a goal in mind will bring you back on track on days where you just don’t want to get up and do a hard ass workout.


Tip #2: Fitness is a Lifestyle – Eat Clean

Working out a few times a week is amazing and can get you to achieving the body that you are aiming for. But stuffing yourself with pizza, burgers and fries as soon as you step out of the gym, will eventually not only slow down your process of achieving your goals, but will weaken your body over time. Diet is so important! When you are working out really hard and pushing your body to its limits, the most important thing for muscle recovery and to keep you fit and energized. Your body needs vitamins, minerals and healthy forms of fat, protein and carbohydrates to function properly and get you where you want to be in your fitness journey.

Recipes will be up on this blog soon!

eat clean

Tip #3: Trust the Process

Getting into the gym, doing a few workouts and expecting to see results overnight, is a mistake many beginners make. This is totally understandable because when we start our fitness journey, most of us have specific goals and imaginations about what they want to look like but have no idea how much work and hours of workouts actually go into it.

Results will not happen overnight! So fall in love with the process and actually have fun being at the gym and pushing your body. Because between you and your goal is a process and without the process there is no goal.

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Tip #4: Have a Workout Plan

When we first walk into a gym, we often are kind of lost and wander from machine to machine, not really knowing what to do with it. A great Tip is to get a workout plan with set workouts and exercises for you to do. Nowadays we have so much access to great information about fitness and there are thousand of free workout plans out there on the internet. Just type in your goal into google and search for a Beginner Workout Plan and you will find plenty of great ones.

workout pan


Tip #5: Take Progress Photos

Seeing results can be hard sometimes and can make you lose your motivation because you feel like you are not making any progress. Taking Pictures of your physique once a month or every two weeks can make a massive difference. Take a photo from the front, the side and the back and compare your photos each week. You will be surprised how much is actually going on with your body when you see these pictures side to side.



Start this journey now! Being good to your body and making it the best it can be will not only give you a hot body, it will bring you physical and mental health. You can do this! Just start right now!

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