10 HAIR CARE TIPS FOR CURLY HAIR How to keep your Curls Healthy and Luscious!

1. Don‘t wash your hair everyday!


Not only will washing your hair too much will strip the natural oils of your scalp away, it will also cause it to get oily and greasy alot faster. The natural oils of your hair are the best conditioner and moistrizer you can get. Stripping away these oils, just to put in moisture with conditioners and hair oils again, is just pointless and will cause your hair to get dry and brittal over time.

I personally NEVER wash my hair with shampoo what so ever. If you want a seperate blog post about the benefits of not washing your hair with shampoo and my experiences with it, just comment down below!


2. Never use heat!


Straightening, curling, waving…

All these ways of styling your hair are time consuming, exhausting and can even cost you alot of money. But the main problem with curling irons and straighteners is the extreme damage that the heat does to our curl pattern. It will dry out and fry your curls over time and your hair will be losing its natural curly structure.

3. Don‘t brush! Comb!


Using a brush with tight bristles can cause split ends and can lead to much more breakage than curly hair struggles with anyway. Using a wide toothed comb instead is much more gental on your curls and will also not leave you with a huge afro on your head, since the wider teeth don‘t break up your curl pattern as much. But remember: Always start brushing from the bottom up! Never start at the roots, ripping through your strands to the ends.

4. No Harsh chemicals! Parabens, Sulfates, Silicones and many more


In most hairproducts you can find at the store, there are chemical ingridients, that are there to make your hair look nourished, shiny and healthy on the outside. But on the inside your hair will actually get dry and brital, since these products just sit on top of the hair shaft, stopping any moisture from penetrating into the cuticles. There is a huge list if ingridients you should avoid but just looking for silicone and paraben free products is great for a start.

5. Use a T-Shirt instead of a towel


When your hair is wet, it becomes weaker and softer. If you use a regular towel to dry it, the fibers of the towel become aggressors to the cuticle of our hair. Towels will absorb all the moisture from your hair, when what you really want to do, is absorb the excess water. The T-shirt will absorb excess water but prevent your hair from frizzing. It doesn’t have the rough grooves of a towel, but has a flat surface, so the water sinks into that surface and it slides through the hairshaft instead of roughing it up.

6. Deep condition at least once a week!


If you have curly hair, you know that it can get dry and brittle much faster than straight hair. The oils our scalp naturally produces, take much more time to actually ‘run down’ our hairshaft, since it is not straight and smooth like with other hair textures.

So deep conditioning is especially important for our hair. Deep conditioning means, to apply an extremely moisturizing and hydrating mask to your hair and letting it sit in your hair for about 30 minutes (Depends on the product). There are great store bought deep conditioners out there, but making your own out of all natural ingredients can save you a lot of money and will be amazing for your hair.

If you want a blog post about my personal favorite DIY Deep Conditioners, just tell me in the comments below! 🙂

7. Use protective styles!

protective styles

On daily bases our hair has to deal with a lot of rubbing and constant tugging. Eather from brushing, laying down or just from touching it all the time it can break much easier. This is why it is important to give your locks a break from all of that stress from time to time.

There are many many ways of doing protective styles to protect especially the dry ends of our hair. One of my personal favorite methods are the cornrow braids. Quite easy to do and not as time consuming as doing box braids for example. And they even look amazing at the same time.

8. Sleep on a Satin Pillow Case


Moving around when you are sleeping is totally normal for the most people, but the stress and breakage that can be caused to your hair by constant rubbing for several hours is immense. The fibers of regular pillowcases are rough and drying. The fibers of satin on the other hand are extremely soft and will reduce all the rubbing tension from your hair at night, making it just slide over your pillow softly when you turn around.

But not only will a satin pillowcase reduce hair breakage, it will also give you a much softer and glowier skin, while reducing any fine lines and wrinkles that may be occurring over time. So killing two birds with one stone!

9. Drink lots and lots of water


I know we have all heard this a thousand times that water is super healthy and important for so many things. But I have to tell you again: WATER IS SO IMPORTANT!

Especially with curly hair, which is so prone to dryness, keeping your body hydrated at all times is key! Drinking at least 3 liters a day will give you instand results, not only in your hair but in your nails, your skin and your overall health. Try and start with adding one glass of water each and everyday and by the end of the month you will find it easy to get up to drinking 3 liters a day.

10. Rinse your hair with cold water


When showering and washing our hair, most of us use warm to hot water. The heat of the water will eventually open our hair cuticles, leading to a rough and frizzy hair texture. But don’t worry, it is still fine to have hot showers when washing your hair, just make sure that after applying your conditioner, your last rinse of water is very cold. This will instantly close the cuticles again and give a great healthy shine to your hair when its dry. Try this simple trick once and you will never go back to hot hair rinses.


So have you ever tried out any of these Hair Care Hacks yourself? How did it work for you and do you have any more Hacks or Tips like these?

Lets share our Tips and experiences in the comment section below! 🙂

3 thoughts on “10 HAIR CARE TIPS FOR CURLY HAIR How to keep your Curls Healthy and Luscious!

  1. Ich wollte fragen ob du die Bilder selbst bemacht hast die du auf deiner Website verwendest. Oder sonst mal fragen wo du die findest. Also jetzt generell. Nicht unbedingt bezogen auf den Artikel jetzt


    1. Bei meinen ersten paar Posts habe ich die Bilder leider noch nicht selbst gemacht nein.
      Bei den letzten 3 Posts sind alle Bilder von mir.
      Ich finde meine Bilder hauptsächlich auf Google bzw. Websites wie IStock oder Pinterest.
      Hoffe ich konnte dir helfen! 🙂


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